5 minutes from Nishiogikubo sta. (JB03) on JR Chuo/Sobu line

The ticket gate of Nishiogikubo station

Turn right after you exit the ticket gate.

The South Exit of Nishiogikubo station

Once you exit the south exit, then turn left.

Outside of the South Exit of Nishiogikubo station

Go straight and turn right at the end of the road.
You will see Fuji-soba on the right side and Mizuho Bank in front.

FamilyMart Nishiogikubo-Minami on the right

Go straight down the road.
You will see FamilyMart on the right.

The corrsing of Jinmyo-street

Turn left at the next corner.
You will see the dry cleanders on the corner.

Takaraya Gyuniku (A butcher)

You will see Takaraya-Gyuniku(a butcher) on the right.


Turn right the next T junction.
You will see a real estate agency, Kadoya-Housing.

Yanamaka orthopedic clinic

Go straight and past Yamanaka orthopedic clinic on the right.

Next corner

Turn left the next corner. You will find a vending machine on the left.

The second building from the corner

Nishiogi osteopathy center is the second building from the corner.

The gate of Nishiogi Osteopathy center
The entrance of Nishiogi Osteopathy center

You will find a stair inside the building. Please take your shoes off and change in to slippers here, and go up to the second floor.

About Us

We offer Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy.

More about us

We are based in Nishiogikubo, Suginaku-ku.


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You can contact us via LINE.
LINE ID:@413srlsz

Penguin-dou Osteopathy: Nishiogikubo
TEL: 070 4200 8493
2-26-2, Nishiogi-minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Clients who come to us are looking for help with conditions such as low back pain, headache or neck pain. Clients are coming from Ogikubo, Kugayama, Kichijyoji and Mitaka area.

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